How Partnerships can Explode Your Platform Growth

Let's say you're just getting started with your book marketing, and you're not sure how to go about it. You have no audience of your own.

How do you get eyes on your work?

There are so many strategies and techniques that you can try, but the quickest way to introduce yourself to a new audience is to find someone to partner with.

A good partner or influencer will have:

-An established Audience

-Direct contact with their audience (email list vs. social media)

-Frequent helpful/relevant/meaningful communication with their audience

-Fairly good engagement from their audience (30-50% open rate)

Why is this helpful?

Because an influencer who has all these things can recommend an author like you to their audience, and their audience will respond because they know, like, and trust the influencer.

Here's how:

1. The influencer will have established their audience and built a brand surrounding the things they work on. A brand that is consistent and speaks to a passerby will pick up fans.

2. The connection will have been nurtured by direct contact (via email). This means that they are able to reach their audience regardless of the changing Algorithms of social media.

3. To build trust with their audience, the influencer will have sent information that helps their audience solve a problem, entertain them, or material that connects with them on a deeper level.

4. Because they have done these things, their audience engages with their content and finds it useful.

Therefore, when the influencer points their audience to you and your book, the audience listens.

Why is this the most powerful form of outreach? Because it lends the opportunity for exponential growth in a short period of time. Most authors think that selling is done through deals and advertising, and for traditional publishers, this is how it works.

But for Indie publishers, we don't have the money or manpower to make a splash in that way. And we certainly don't have time or money to waste if our efforts aren't converting.

Influencer outreach is free. It's not difficult to do either. It just takes some time.

As an example, I'd like to share an opportunity I was offered recently. I got an email asking me a single question and offering to add my insights to their website. Click here for the result.

Other experts were also asked to share their insights on this page and you can scroll through and see their replies as well. It wasn't time-consuming. It wasn't difficult. It was mostly done through emails. And it was fun.

Think of how your platform could benefit from a few new email subscribers all at once. This is the kind of traction we're looking for.

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