8 Ways to Optimize Your Writing Time

1. Get plenty of rest so your brain is refreshed and ready to work.

Tired brains come up with some crazy stuff, but aren't the best organizers. To get the most out of your writing time, set a time when your brain will be in the optimal mindset.

2. Keep a routine so that you have time to adjust from life to writing time.

It'll be easier for the writing to flow. Especially if you block this time daily. After a while you'll automatically slip into the groove.

3. Keep a list of ideas to work on when inspiration lacks.

Inspiration strikes in the unlikely times and places. i.e. the shower, in the grocery store, while at work, or driving. Keep notes of what comes to you so that you can write it later.

4. Keep a tidy space to reduce distractions.

It can be difficult to maintain a creative flow when your mind keeps focusing on the clutter. Even in your peripheral, it has the potential to derail your project with stray thoughts.

5. Read the last bit you wrote to familiarize yourself with the content, but don't get caught up editing. Just write what comes next.

It helps to rebuild excitement for your project to reread and helps spark what comes next.

6. If you get stuck, just write in the simplest terms what needs to happen before the next scene and then write that one.

Also, check out this article on Writer's Block for a few tricks to help you.

7. Keep a positive attitude about what you're writing.

Negativity can kill a project. If you don't like a particular section of writing, stay positive by thinking of it as practice. You can always edit later.

8. Take care of yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally.

This frees you up to focus on external things such as writing. Often, writing can be a useful form of self care.


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