The Power of Word of Mouth

Annoyed at my husband for not sharing a life-changing tidbit with me, I realized how big word of mouth really is.

I could have been saving money for months with this tip if he'd only told me he'd been using it too. It's not his fault he didn't tell me. It's not mine for not knowing sooner, but it's kinda cool that I know about it now and use it. (Just for kicks and giggles, the app is called "Honey" and runs coupons on websites so you can save the most possible. I use it when I'm shopping on Michael's website.)

That's the power of word of mouth.

We can save our friends time, headache, and money by suggesting things that we think might fit them.

That's how great books go viral. It's a surge that hits critical mass and allows the most possible people to hear about it. It's the most effective way to sell books because if a friend who we know, like, and trust recommends a book to us, we're more likely to read it than if we see an ad.

As authors, how can we tap into this incredible source to sell our own books?

By finding groups of our ideal readers, getting to know them, they're likes and interests, and then suggesting our book for examination. If they like it, great! If not, try the next group.

The trick is finding people who already have an interest in your style, genre, etc. You can also find a potential audience by finding people who buy books similar to yours.

When you find enough people who vibe with you, your book, and your message, they'll help spread the word about your awesome work.

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