It's OK to Fail

You are human.

Probably one of the hardest lessons of life is learning to admit that we aren't superhuman.

The problem is that we expect too much of ourselves and let ourselves out of commitments we make with ourselves, because we don't value ourselves enough.

We're just as afraid of succeeding as we are of failing, so we put off any forward motion.

We're overwhelmed, overcritical, and overly sensitive about our passions, because they mean so much to us that we can't stand the thought of them being drug through the mud.

We are people.

We should be treating ourselves as such. Humans make mistakes. Humans falter, get tired, and fail. It doesn't make us losers, despite those stories where the sparkling hero never seems to have setbacks.

It just means that we're still learning how to get to where we want to be.

Forgive yourself for your shortcomings. Don't be detrimentally critical of yourself. Learn how to turn your weaknesses into strengths by working on them.

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