Take the Pressure Off

Are you constantly stressed about how much you need to get done?

Try setting a smaller goal.

Stressing about writing super long, complex blog posts?

Scale back a bit (I did, obviously, and it's helped me to keep going). Brevity can be much easier to understand. And people are busy.

Trying to finish a book in a month? (Nanowrimo style?)

Set a goal for two months. Cut the daily word count goal in half.

Stress isn't always a good thing. It overpowers us, weakens our immune system, ruins our day, and if it's the only thing we think about, it changes us into anxious people.

Not everything has to happen now. Especially with writing. It takes time to formulate thoughts and put them down on paper. Then it takes more time to set it aside and come back to edit with fresh eyes.

Take care of yourself emotionally. Rest and Recuperate before jumping into a huge project. It'll help you go farther.

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