Don't be Ashamed of Your Work

Too often, authors are terrified to show their work. We're taught that showing off our talent is bragging. Sometimes we're made fun of for the things we're passionate about as kids.

However wrong it may be, the impressions we get as children regarding our talents grow up with us. When an adult doesn't like our story idea. When a friend says our writing is boring.

Yes, we dream of our works being celebrated someday, but we feel like there is such a huge gap between where we are now and the future self that is worthy of such praise.

Your work, whether good or bad is a piece of you, and it's scary to share that with others. But if we, the creator is ashamed of it, we expect others to be as well.

So we soldier on like marching in place because we don't feel ready.

When will we be ready? What is the defining factor that launches us into that realm?

It's different for everybody. You'll have to decide for yourself. But it takes practice and yes, facing rejection.

Believe in your work. Have confidence in yourself. Confidence to keep learning and growing even if it's painful. Confidence to open up and share pieces of yourself even if you don't feel ready. (Sticking your toes in the water is terrifying, but will ultimately help you get used to sharing.)

Don't be ashamed of your work. It's a stepping stone to growth.

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