Choose to Prioritize

The myth of 'too busy' is rampant in today's world when in reality, 'busy' is a series of choices. We choose the things we do. We choose the things we pay attention to.

Sure, we have things that we need to accomplish each day. Not accomplishing some tasks will present consequences that we wish to avoid. But how we use the rest of our time... that's what determines how 'busy' we truly are, because it's based on what priorities really matter to us.

Saying, "I'm too busy," loses it's power when you realize that you've simply chosen not to make something a priority. Suddenly the use of time becomes more than just what we want at a particular moment (or how we're feeling). It becomes about the bigger perspective and what we really want.

Maybe in order 'clear our schedules,' we should just prioritize the most important things. Time has a way of slipping away when we're not paying attention. Make sure you're spending it the way you prefer.

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