Be Receptive to New Information

It's not that you don't know. It's that you may not know. And what you may not know could be the difference between succeeding and failing.

There are as many different paths to success as their are to failure, and they're as diverse as the people who travel them. Your path is different, and it's yours to discover and forge.

Be receptive to new strategies and tips. Try new things. Discard what doesn't work and move on. You'll find your way if you keep learning and trying.

People learn through stages.

1. They don't know what they don't know.

2. They know they don't know, and want to change that.

3. They Learn what they don't know.

4. They Master the knowledge they didn't know before, but know now.

Mastery first comes with being receptive to new information. Even people at the top of their game are always competing with the person they were yesterday.

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