How to Turn the Desire to Write Into a Habit

January 1, 2019


It's good to want something more. To reach for the stars, whether you fail or succeed is admirable. Dream Big, they say. 


But how do we launch ourselves towards those aspirations? 


By forming habits. 


It's all about consistently committing to your goals. What are you willing to commit to your goals every day? 


A day becomes a week. A week stretches into two weeks and then into a month. Months pile up. And that's how time gets away from us. It slips by in seconds wasted. In how many times we opt to do the easy thing rather than the hard thing. The thing we know we need to do but don't because we're tired and want a break.


The energy for the project is made in the creating of it. Your tolerance for the hard work builds by how much you put into it on a daily basis. You build up the energy by practicing. 


It's the boring drudgery of choring, but that's the way that you make your dreams come true. 


Steven Pressfield likens his daily battle to write into an uphill hike in his book "The War of Art." It's not easy. He speaks about the different aspects of Resistance and what forms it comes in





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