The Purpose of an Author Website and Why You Should Have One

Why is it important to have an author website? Because until you clarify your message, your audience won't know what you want from them.

Readers shop with a purpose. To find their next read. To find a book that excites them. To find a book they can't wait to drop everything and read, even just flipping it open whenever they have a moment to catch a few words before life takes over.

Readers have a purpose.

Writers have a purpose, but it's hard to understand what yours should be when there are so many voices telling you what your purpose ought to be.

You need to discover for yourself what your purpose is. Then you need to shape your message around it.

This won't crystallize up front. It will take time to mold and tinker with. You'll learn a lot about yourself in the process, and that will help you later on when you understand what it is you want to do.

Your website is your hub online. It should reflect you. Your clearly identified message. It should usher new readers down the path you want them to take whether you want them to buy your latest book or join your mailing list.

Design your website with your readers in mind. Show them the things you want them to see upfront. Show them the things you're excited about because it's your place to shine.


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