Why You Should Find the Perfect Readers for Your Book

Why do you need to find the perfect readers for your book? Because not just any readers will do. Picking a story to read is a process where most readers skim through a mental checklist to make sure that the book fits their criteria.

Some look for specific genres.

Others look for their favorite author.

Some have to read the pitch and skim the book before deciding to read it.

Some judge by the cover. (Yeah, there's the old saying to never judge a book by its cover, but we tend to do it anyway. Why? Because a professional looking book cover generally means that the contents are professional as well. Someone who takes care to package correctly usually takes time on the contents.)

Once a book checks off all the boxes, the reader is ready to give a book a chance. That doesn't mean they'll stick with it. If it rubs the wrong way, they'll put it back down and move on. But that's why it's important to find the audience who likes your style, your themes, your plot, and characters. They're more likely to not only stick it out to the end but recommend the book to a friend.

Finding the perfect reader may not seem like something you need to deal with yourself, especially if you plan on a publishing deal, but it's actually one of the most important things you can do as a writer. You know what your audience expects so you can write it. You know what hooks them. You know what keeps them reading.

Shawn Coyne speaks about this in his book "The Story Grid." He says, "If you are writing a Story, you must think of your audience." He then dives into genre conventions, obligatory scenes, and how to make the story work for the readers. (Excellent read, Highly recommended.)

Not only does it help with the writing aspect, but it helps with marketing immensely.

Marketing to the right people is the way you get noticed. Think of it this way, a writer of horror isn't going to do well with the children's book crowd. And vice versa.

You need to understand who your reader is so you know where they can be found. Some writers call this 'developing a persona,' and they dive deep, answering reader questions such as hair color, clothes they wear, what do they do with their time off, etc. All this is geared toward finding where your potential reader might hang out, so you can market specifically to them.

Are they on Facebook? Instagram? YouTube? Pinterest?

How best should you go about connecting with them?

Remember that the goal is to connect a reader with a really good book that you believe in.

The perfect reader is someone who will love your book and will share it with everyone they know because it resonates with them so deeply. They'll become your truest fans, the ones that stick over time and buy all your books because they loved the one.

Your perfect reader is out there. It just takes patience and actively seeking them.

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