Review of "Plan to Profit" by Emma Rose

Plan to profit is a very apt title for this short book. Emma promises a no-nonsense guide to get you started, and she delivers.

It was very helpful to see that Emma offered a contact email up front for people who wanted to learn more. Plus, she put together a workbook to follow along with the book which you can pick up at her website

Emma speaks plainly about marketing strategy, so it's easy for newcomers to marketing to understand. Fully fleshing out her point about marketing with the bird version of tactics vs. strategy, she illustrates the importance of having a clear, written strategy.

She says, "A marketing strategy is the big-picture view of your marketing. It encompasses your goals, an understanding of who your audience is, how you intend to talk to them, and what tactics you'll use to do it."

Her sense of humor comes out in her writing, a fun addition (Especially for those of use just starting out who feel in over our heads). It helps to brighten the subject.

She walks through setting SMART goals and finding your audience, short, sweet, and to the point, giving new insights and great advice along the way. I felt more confident that I could find, identify, and speak to my audience just after going through her list of questions. (I'll definitely come back to this later to finish up).

Emma points out that we should think about what problems we're solving.

With a very in depth section on branding and voice, Emma dives into the nitty gritty details even covering contractions, jargon, and wordiness when speaking for your brand.

She really put a lot of work into this book. With clear instructions, examples, and suggestions, I felt like it was a precursor to a course I'd like to learn from. It's neat and professional while being accessible to new marketers. I got some fantastic insights and quite a bit of homework.

I'd definitely recommend this book for authors who are looking to build their brand. It's very quick, but packed with great information.

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