How to Become a Writer

Writers live and breathe creativity.

Even copying the work of the great writers for practice, we're gleaning what makes work great. Stephen Pressfield mentions in his book "Nobody Wants to Read Your Sh*t" that he took books and copied them word for word on his typewriter, internalizing the words so he could understand what creates Voice.

Writers put in the work to learn about their craft.

Albert Einstein once said of himself that he wasn't especially talented, only incredibly curious, and he followed his curiosity until he found his passion. Passions that inspire hours of practicing at a time, educating oneself in the medium and application, and trial by fire, creating simply to be a force of creation until greatness can be achieved.

Passions that move beyond phrases like "Have to," focused more instead on phrases like "get to." Passions that beckon the writer from daily life back into the deep waters of fun, fulfilling work that they choose time and time again.

Passions that demand attention, urge perfection, and lift the spirit of the passionate.

I think all writers find freedom in Creation.

What exactly does that mean/look like?

The endless, boundless possibilities of what could be that moves us from blank canvas to finished painting, or from a blank page to a novel, or from a piece of wood to a rocking chair.

And that's the beauty of creation, the complexity of it, or the simplicity. The mediums to choose from, the manipulation and application of those mediums. The methods within the supposed madness, the mix and match, the straightforward approach. The learning and mastering. The freedom to move within whatever boundaries the Artisan chooses, or to exceed those boundaries.

This concept appeals to writers who look at the world in a different way, who want to share their vision with others, or clarify it for themselves. The most noted writers are the ones who challenged the status quo and offered a new perspective; none of them got famous by sticking to the norm, but by doing something new.

Think of the classics as examples: Wuthering Heights, Frankenstein, The Great Gatsby, etc.

As a general rule, all humans like to create, creating new projects from old ideas, creating more humans, creating stories or personas for ourselves on social media, creating our perfect havens, creating the world around us to fit our needs.

Even destruction is a kind of creation.

Writers aren't an exclusive club with a secret handshake and a membership pass. You don't need to 'prove' yourself to get in.

You just have to write.

What Inspires you? What makes you excited to create? Harness that energy, that positive flow, whatever "the muse" appears as for you. Capitalize on that excitement, and then do something with it.

That's how you become a writer.


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