The Secret to Building a Successful Authoring Career

Most authors don’t get famous right away.

Most authors have numerous manuscripts finished and unfinished lying around in drawers collecting dust or long forgotten files on drives. It can take years to find one’s voice and then articulate the message clearly and concisely in a way that readers want to read.

Then learning how to market a book, finding a publisher or self-publishing is a whole other ballgame.

All of this gets overwhelming fast.

The Secret to Authoring Career Success is The Trickle Concept.

Give me a moment to explain.

The success stories that surround us are inspiring, fantastic, faith/hope-building. We begin to believe that we too can make it, and we can. But amid the success stories lies a truth that we hardly hear: Success takes time.

Hard to hear when we're so busy as it is, and we don't know if we have the time to spare. Especially since we just heard about so-and-so who made their small business/blog/book/etc. profitable in a matter of months. Stellar launches that propelled these other people into stardom. Why can't we have that too?

So, we try.

Then we get frustrated because it seems like we're doing all the right things and getting few results. We follow multiple gurus and their advice, picking and choosing what best suits our needs, time-frames, and abilities. But this patchwork of advice doesn't seem to be moving our product or ideas forward.

A. You need a strategy and a plan clearly outlining what you want to achieve and how you want to pursue it.

B. You need tactics that follow that strategy.

The Trickle Concept states that these two things in conjunction are enough for your business to poise itself over time to rocket into success by taking the steps no matter how big or small, accomplishing necessary tasks, and keep working in obscurity, building habits of success so that when it comes, you're prepared to handle the onslaught of "New" that success brings.

New Clients. New Horizons. New Problems. And all of this new is also much bigger now. That’s why it’s important to have a sturdy foundation from the beginning, so that your platform doesn’t crumble under the weight of “New.”

Little steps that you can take to formulate the Trickle might be automation, hiring help, outlining daily tasks so that you know what needs to be accomplished and when. Basically, your Trickle will depend on the necessities of your business in it’s current state, and they are for you to decide.

Doing what you’re able in the time allotted, showing up every day to do the work, working on outreach little by little, these are the things that make authors successful.

Each little victory brings you closer to the big ones. Each small book launch, small marketing objective reached, word count goal achieved, builds your platform, builds your audience, builds your confidence, and builds your next book launch.

-On the backs of previous launches, using them as a springboard, you build higher and higher to more successful launches.

-Practicing confidence builds your confidence when you hard work pays off, keeping us on the path to our goals.

-Hitting your word count goals daily builds your next novel. Or making your editing goals, propels you towards a tighter prose and neater book that your readers will love.

-Engaging readers builds word of mouth, because if they love your stories, they’ll share them.

Doing the work now, will eventually get you to where you want to be.

It’s like climbing a ladder one step at a time or trying to get your vehicle unstuck. One rung higher means your closer to your goal. Little rocking motions build momentum that will build over time and you’ll be able to push the vehicle out.

Work smarter, not harder. Study the industry. Build on your knowledge and then put it to use, just a little more every day.

I know how easy it is to get sucked up into the rat race of thinking that it all needs to be done now. It doesn’t. It needs to get done when you have the time and energy to focus on it to make the outcome worth the effort. There’s nothing wrong or shameful about starting slow. It’s a great way to make sure you’re ready for the next steps before you scale, by keeping you from being overwhelmed.

I don't want you to subscribe to the idea of going viral because it doesn't breed quality results. Fads tend to die off. We want you to succeed on a more constant basis, consistently getting the support from your fans instead of being a flash in the pan.

Trickled results build, like a stream grinding away at the stream bed. As you put in more effort, the stream builds, the outside entities begin to notice, but not all at once which makes it easier to keep up with them while still adhering to your own schedule.

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