Review of "Running Down a Dream" by Tim Grahl

I got my hands on an advanced copy, and as I read, all I could think was, "Yes!" I didn't know what I'd write about the book in my review, but I knew I wanted to share it, because of how poignant the chord it struck with me.

This book outlines several struggles that all creators face one way or another when Running Down their dreams. Logistics, work, learning curves, money, balancing home life with work time, systematizing, scaling, Resistance, and so many fears: that we're not good enough, that we're only postponing the inevitable downfall, that no one is listening or interested...the list goes on.

Creatives know the struggles, but what we don't see is that other creatives struggle too. We only see what they present, and most often they present expertise. The book mentions this concept, but also relays that there is a learning curve to that expertise and it takes time to get there.

The voice flowed honest and open, the stories short and concise presenting a vulnerable character who suffered and fought "pushing his boulder uphill" to first find success in his craft, but then to define and validate himself. Brutally honest about his situation, Tim lays out exactly what held him back and relates that to all creatives.

He offers tools in the back of the book all designed to help his readers reach their goals in spite of fear and those things we struggle with. Advice directly correlated to the stories he shares, but broken down into bite-sized pieces for other creatives to easily extract and use for themselves. I found his very helpful and insightful. Knowing what this expert went through gives me hope for my own situation and dreams.

Compellingly written, this book was enjoyable from start to finish. Not enjoyable in the way that it was happy-go-lucky and feelgood, but in that it laid out in detail the mental process we go through when starting from scratch, believing that there is something more we're meant to do, but the gap between where we are and where we're "meant to be" is incredibly daunting and seems to grow with every step instead of lessening.

Too often I think people give up on their dreams when it gets hard. I did. And I can't imagine being where Tim was in the stories he related.

Too often we come up with a little bit of Resistance and think, "Maybe this wasn't a good idea," or "I wasn't meant to be a great ______."

Too often a little bit of success is scarier than none at all. At least when we had none, no one expected anything of us. We had something to look forward to. When we finally taste success, it's not what we expected, and we have to keep working even harder to reach the next milestone.

"Running Down a Dream" talks about all the reasons we can give up or fail, but also gives advice for how to persevere.

Overall, this book was a great read with smooth transitions, and starts and stops that mimic Steven Pressfield's work. It was comprehensive, guiding through the story while teaching. It's not braggy, or prideful. It doesn't say, "Hey! Look what I've done!" Instead it's honest, open, and helpful.

I'd recommend it to any creatives who feel overwhelmed by the process of building their business and might need some encouragement and a little direction.

The book will be published July 11, 2018 and is available now for pre-order. If you'd like to pick up a copy, click here to be taken to the book on Amazon.

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