Why I Write Fiction

I asked myself this question because I was wondering how to market my Fiction Books. So I pondered on why I love books. Here's what I came up with.

Why do I love books?

-Because I love sharing stories and reading them.

Why do I love stories?

-Because they connect people. They entertain us, taking us on adventures, they're fun little vacations from reality, they make me feel happy.

There's a variation of a quote by G. K. Chesterson that says, "Fairy tales don't tell children that dragons exist. Children already know they exist. Fairy tales tell children that dragons can be killed."

I love that quote, because even with the bad things in the world, there are good things too, and we can learn about them and how to use them to get through the bad from books.

And also, Books create empathy between the people speaking. Between characters and readers, between the writer and the reader. Writers naturally gravitate toward writing because we like organizing our thoughts on paper. We write stories and publish them to speak to other people through a medium that's comfortable to us.

Books really are incredible in the way they can touch us and bring us together. It's like a heart and soul bound by ink and paper, so easily transportable to another person's mind and soul.

Why is the connection so important to me?

-Because humans are all special and important. I truly believe that. Each interaction holds a special connection for me, even the ones at the grocery store. I like people. I like making people feel happy. And I like connecting with them on deeper levels because I like how empathy and the intimate knowledge of individuals makes me feel.

How does it make me feel? Why is that important?

-It makes me feel understood when I understand others. Understanding them, helps me to understand myself (another reason I enjoy writing). People are fascinating, and I love discovering how they operate, why they think certain things, and do the things they do. It's why I love psychology and concepts that involve people.

It's important to me because people are important to me. I want to make the most of situations for people and leave them better than I found them. Which is also why I have social anxiety. If I don't know someone on a deep level, I don't feel like my communications will be insightful enough to reach them where they need human interaction.

Thus I'm stuck with trial and error until I master small talk.

I love books because books are a way to understand the human condition and a person's deepness (psychological and emotional) without the possibility that I mess up an interaction. It's straightforward with each party free to interpret their own meaning (or truth) without being judged or coming on too strong or not strong enough.

Often people don't vibrate on the same frequency. In fact, it's hard to find someone vibing in sync with you at any given moment as we're all so different.

As a writer and a reader, the books vibrations are created by the party who works with it. Thus access can be gained into another soul without the misunderstanding or out of sync issues (like moods) that can turn people off.

My love of books began early in life. One of my earliest memories is staying up past my bedtime positioning the book so I could see the pictures with the light coming from the crack under my door.

I don't remember a specific moment that I knew books were my passion. It just grew up with me and I just knew that I wanted to be an author.

This is why I write fiction. Because I love the connection. I love the adventures on paper and the way it brings humans together.

**I encourage every author to go through this process. Finding out your why is a huge part of keeping going when you feel like giving up.

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