What Boxing Can Teach You about Chasing Dreams

I'd heard the statement, "The best defense is a good offense," before but it clicked for me when I read Ben Hardy's article on Medium "How To Know If You'll Live Your Dreams." Specifically, the part where he spoke about handling hostile situations and the line about putting our hands up placing us in a weak position.

It took me back to when I used to box with my brothers and I realized how true Ben's words were.

By no means am I trained in boxing, but we had two pairs of boxing gloves and we gave it a go. Practice in defense and offense has lent me perspective of a fighter's mind. When I hid behind my hands, I advertised my fear of being hit. Almost always, I'd get hit.

If I opened up just enough to see my opponent, to judge their weak spots, I could almost always put them on the defense by attacking. If they're too busy defending, they can't attack me back. The feint worked for distraction, then I'd hit where they were most vulnerable.

In the case where we've put our hands up, we've given up control of the situation. We're waiting for the other person to make a move which gives them all the power. We've decided to react instead of act, which means we'll always be one step behind. We'll always be trying to play catch up.

If you don't act, you will be acted upon. If you don't take charge, you're inviting someone else to step in and take your reins from you, to make decisions for you.

That isn't the action of a Leader.

Strategizing offensively puts us in the position of power instead of resolving to "go with the flow" and letting life decide whether we'll be successful or not.

Ultimately, if we want to be successful, we wan't wait for an invitation. We have to go out and get it, planning offensively, or in other words, what will we do to get what we want, not what we'll do when life hands us circumstances.

We have the power to change our circumstances, to write the story as we want it.

I enjoyed Ben Hardy's article a great deal. It struck a chord with me and provides some great insight into achieving goals and chasing dreams. I'd recommend the article to anyone interested in putting themselves out there to attain success.

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