How To Not Give Up On Your Writing Career

Sometimes, I want to give up. Throw in the towel, put it away and never look at stats, likes, shares, pins etc again because the big fat zero's just remind me that I'm not moving forward.

But... I'm never going to stop writing, so I might as well keep trying to make money off of my hobby.

If you're doing what you love, or just trying it out, keep working at it. There's no telling when or how it'll work out.

I've been at this for years now.

  • I've written blog posts,

  • Revamped my Pinterest to be a business.

  • Joined Medium, Twitter, and LinkedIn because I kept hearing that those were the things to do.

  • I've redone my website a few different times.

  • I offered a "Read Magnate" like I was told to.

  • I put my book on Amazon for free.

And I'm still struggling to break out and get noticed.

I'm telling you this so you know that I understand how hard it is to get noticed. You're not alone.

This isn't a perfect scenario of "I went from Zero to Massively Popular and Wealthy in Two Months!" That is a tantalizing, almost impossible trick to pull off which takes a ton of people all paying attention to you at the same time. It's a little debilitating that we can't replicate those results.

There are tons of people like you and me out there right now, struggling to find a following or "Tribe" of our own.

It's O.K. to not have everything now. We're just finding what doesn't work and removing those pieces from our equation. Trial and Error.

It's perfectly fine to keep creating content in the hopes that someday, someone will see and appreciate it.

If it's what you truly want, you'll go for it.

How did the masters become great? DaVinci? Einstein? Any of the Greats?

They followed their passions with intense focus. They filled their moments with their pursuits, constantly hacking away at the mysteries that evaded them, delving as deep as they could into the process of learning, creating, experimenting etc. These people were great because of their determination, motivation, and the will to keep moving forward.

What we need is a will to succeed, the determination to continually try, and the willingness to learn and adjust.

Jordan Belfort did an exercise with his students. He told them to raise their hands as high as they could. So each hand stretched up toward the ceiling. Then, he told them to raise their hands higher. Each hand raised a little more. He asked why they hadn't reached that high the first time he asked. Because it wasn't comfortable.

He told the students that they needed to set their goals that high, just a little out of their comfort zone so that they could stretch and grow into aspirations.

Reach toward your goals. Just because we haven't reached them yet, doesn't mean that we won't. It just means that we have more growing to do.

Will we be known throughout history like the Greats? Probably not. But we have our own stories to tell, our own mark to set upon the world, however small.

How will you fill your days if not chasing your dreams? Will you be doing the things that matter to you?

Time will pass anyway, take charge of it so you can do what you want with it and when it's over, you don't have to regret the time wasted. Potential unmet is a sad thing to acknowledge. Sadder still to think that you could have made it if you'd tried a little harder.

Give it a little longer. Keep trying your best. I will too, and maybe we'll be able to exchange success stories. I'd love to hear yours. Even the little wins.

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