Review and Break Down of Tim Grahl's Method to Book Marketing

I'm a huge fan of Tim Grahl, in case you couldn't tell by my other book marketing posts. He's straightforward with the information he provides, and the methods he teaches aren't sleazy marketing at all. They're not loud, obnoxious, or in your face. As an introverted, non-salesy type, I find that relieving.

He define's marketing as making long lasting relationships with people. That's it. Just connecting with other human beings to benefit them however you can.

The foundation of his marketing methods can be found in his book Your First 1,000 Copies and it works like this:

To do effective book marketing, you need:




If you follow him at all, you'll recognize these pillars, and if you follow Seth Godin, you'll know about Permission Marketing.

Basically, Permission Marketing is marketing to those who have agreed to let you by giving you their email address. They want to follow your progress and hear about your advancements. What author doesn't want a group of people interested in what they do?

Easier said than done, but finding the right people comes into play with the Content you put out into the world. People will know you by the Content you produce. If they like your message, they'll follow you to learn more. If not, no hard feelings. The relationship wasn't right for them, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Outreach is where you put your content before new audiences. There's many ways to do this including, but not limited to, guest posts, podcast interviews, YouTube videos, etc. Basically, you're offering a sampling of who you are and the work you do in a different place and maybe a new format so that you have the best possible chances at finding your readers.

This also means connecting with people who already have audiences and don't mind sharing. Focus on being helpful to those Influencers for best results.

This is just the most basic break down. Obviously you'll get more value out of the books and by following the expert.

In his books, Tim Grahl breaks down the parts of each pillar, explaining what they are, why you need them to market efficiently, and how do do that.

I wanted to give you an overview of his methods, because I've read his books and taken a couple of his courses, and I feel so much better about the whole process. I have a direction now and a road map to get me there. It's helped me so much, and I want to pass on that knowledge. (But I don't want to cross any lines by plagiarizing or stealing.)

Marketing doesn't have to be hard. Scary, sure, because reaching out to people and putting ourselves out there with our hearts on our sleeves is difficult. But marketing really is simple. Connect with people. Give openly and freely. Give it time and the right people will find you.

Author's who want to be able to support themselves with writing books need to learn how to market. If you're just getting started in book marketing, I highly recommend you check out Tim Grahl and his books Your First 1,000 Copies and Book Launch Blue Print.

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