The 4 Reasons People Don't Buy Your Book and How to Fix Them





...These are the Four Reasons people don't buy and when it comes down to it, the most powerful convincer is themselves, so how do we trigger that to work for us?

-We put out the best product.

-We make sure every facet of the product fits the need of the buyer.

-We ramp up the buying pressure by showing how our product can fix the customer's immediate pain and what pleasure it will bring.

-We create a better buying experience by being courteous, knowledgeable, and exactly what the customer needs us to be.

First we need to weed out those that are Indifferent. They are indifferent because they generally aren't our target audience. Thus, we can do little for them. However, those who are interested in our product aren't always 100% ready to buy. They can sit on the fence and possibly indifferent, or not paying attention at all.

We need to change their Indifference into Actionable Interest where they're ready to buy as long as we complete their buying checklist.

People buy on Logic and Emotion, not just one or the other. Logically does the product fulfill their needs? Does the decision feel good based on their current pain predicament being resolved?

Let your customers know exactly what the product can do for them. Place them in a future scenario where their problems are solved because of your product. Focus on their Dreams and Aspirations with regard to the product, but also on the practical features.

Skepticism is the next thing we need to overcome. Is our product legit? Can it really do what we say it can for our customer?

We need our customers to like us so we need them to know us and our product. This is where we employ Trust Markers like making our product look professional, giving a professional pitch, watching our grammar and typos (because those are deplorable issues that break trust), Beta-Tested, etc.

We also need to present ourselves in a manner that garners trust in us as a professional. Confidence without cockiness. Openness without smothering. Expert Knowledge without being a showoff.

Once we're sure we're putting our best foot forward, it's time to proceed. Lay your customer's skepticism to rest by showing that you've done your homework and you're ready to provide the best quality service/product on the market.

Worry will also hold your customer back. Worry that the product won't work for them.

Reviews and Comments are a great place to start. Testimonials from others who've gone through the buying process and have seen results.

One-one-one sales gets more in-depth and you can speak to your customer directly about their situation, but online sales is a little different. Generally speaking, your customer can talk themselves into and out of buying things based on the stories they tell themselves about your product.

Guide the stories they tell themselves by telling your own about how the product/service works, why it works, and how it can work for them.

Be prepared to answer all their questions before they even have the opportunity to think them up. Answer them in your pitch. Try to place yourself in the mind of your customer to understand what's holding them back and how to get around that.

Procrastination is a big one because often customers convince themselves that they can buy later (I have). Then when "later" rolls around, they still don't buy because their wallet isn't within reach or the deal will come around again so there's no need to get it now.

What we need to do is increase the need for the product through scarcity or exclusivity. Give your customers a reason to buy right now.

Price Drops for limited periods of time.

Bonus Content only available for a few days during the launch.

Exclusive Offers for First Movers such as Free Coaching Calls.

(Just to name a few ideas on how to promote the "I need this now!" mindset.)

Most importantly, engage with people on a meaningful level and do your best to help them out. Creating good relationships and adding value to their lives will keep customers coming back to you time after time.

I'd definitely recommend following the Marketing Experts like Seth Godin and Jordan Belfort if you feel stuck and want to learn more about Sales. They have incredible insight to the world of Marketing.

In the meantime, I hope this helped you.

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