How To Claim Your Wix Website on Pinterest

I'd heard from a few different sources that I needed to claim my website on Pinterest to get more traffic and analytics on pins from my site.

I'd tried a couple different methods that I thought were right, but ultimately weren't and I gave up for a couple weeks. Then I finally figured it out!

Here's how to do it:

1. Sign in to

2. Go to your site and click "Manage and Edit."

3. In the column on the left, click SEO, then scroll down till you see "Add Header Code Meta Tags."

4. Follow the instructions you find there which say, "Ready to add header codes to your site? Click here to do this in editor."

5. Click on the blue "here" and your Wix Editor should pop up with a similar screen to the SEO in Manager. There should be an empty box for code.

You'll need the header code from Pinterest so...

6. Log into Pinterest and go to settings.

7. Scroll down till you find the "Claim Your Website" section.

8. If your website url is correct, click the red button that says, "Claim Website."

9. You'll have two options pop up. One that has an html file download and the other that has html meta-data code to put into your website. Click on the code option and the snipped of code will appear.

10. Copy the code and paste it into your Wix Editor and submit it.

11. Hit publish on Wix Editor.

12. You should get an email from Pinterest stating that your website has been claimed!

I'm not a techy person so it always feels good when I figure something out. I figure that if I can help others who struggle with technology, I'm just paying it forward and helping someone as frustrated as I was.

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