How To Claim Your Wix Website on Pinterest

Claiming your website has gotten easier! Here's how you do it:

1. Sign in to

2. Bring up the website in "Editor."

3. In the column on the left, click "Add" or the plus button then scroll down the list until you see "Embed."

4. Click on Embed, and you'll see options pop up for html. Click on it and a gray box will appear on your website. (The box will appear transparent once the code is added, so don't worry about it looking bad on your site.)

You'll need the code from Pinterest so...

6. Log into Pinterest and go to settings.

7. There should be a "Claim" option on the list on the left side. Click there.

8. If your website url is correct, click the red button that says, "Claim Website."

9. You'll have options pop up. You'll want the one that says "Add html Tag." Click to copy the code and then click "continue."

10. Now hop back over to wix editor and click on the box to "Enter Code." Paste the code into the box that pops up and click "Apply." Now the box should blend into your website. Make sure the box appears in the "header" so when Pinterest checks up on it, they can find it easily.

11. Hit publish on Wix Editor.

Pinterest will let you know when your website has been claimed! :D

Claiming a website on Pinterest allows your followers to find your online hub. It also allows you to create rich pins which means that Pinterest will pull information from your website every time you pin from it. This makes it easier to get found, and means you don't have to spend forever linking your url to your pins. Pinners simply have to click, and they'll end up on your website.

I hope this has helped :)

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